TA38M: A Unique Performance on The Furniture Market

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For over 15 years, we have been creating innovative products that stay competitive with the market and adaptive to our customer’s needs.
Understanding and adapting to new end-users’ needs is a priority and becomes a prerequisite to creating technologies that are both innovative and compliant to current lifestyles.


At home, devices are becoming more and more compact and automated in design. The device user’s comfort and needs are the main priority.

The TA38M electric actuator is innovative, light, compact, and quiet. It has a high-performance level (ratio size, weight, power), which is unique in the electric actuator market, and was developed with customized requirements and technical constraints with the user’s well-being as the primary focus.
TA38M electric actuator general features

The TA38M has many features that will quickly make it a reference in the furniture market:

  • Power: 2,000N (push); 1,500N (pull)
  • Fast: 6.2mm/s under 1,500N
  • Compact: Installation dimension: 160 mm and stroke: 20~300mm
  • Light: 600g for a 100mm stroke
  • Quiet: ≤ 56 dB

The TA38M is the ideal solution to optimize domestic equipment and can be equipped with Hall sensors allowing positional feedback and precise adjustments. It is also available with a protection of up to IP66, making it conform to medical requirements.

Below are some of the applications:
The TA38M electric actuator for furniture equipment





Caravans have limited spaces, so they need compact electric actuators.
Compact and light, the TA38M has a lot of significant advantages for this kind of vehicle. Many applications can be equipped with this last innovation for higher comfort and optimized space.


  • Kitchens

Aesthetics and functionality are priorities in the modern kitchen. Electric actuators open and close exhaust hood ventilation systems, don’t compromise aesthetics and allow for a more advanced solution because of their compact design.


  • Chairs and beds

Chairs and beds can be equipped with our TA38M to adjust the backrest in a fast, quiet, and smooth way.

Recliners and couches



The TA38M can also be used in the home furniture to keep minimalist design while meeting the latest furniture market requirements - compactness and practicality!
Its best application is being able to adjust a furniture’s leg or backrest. 
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