TiMOTION is excited to announce that we have joined the American Boating Association (ABA). With our passion for marine life, this partnership is one we are truly excited to be a part of.


                The ABA was founded in 1997 by Bill Condon, a marine insurance executive and avid boater with over 40 years of knowledge. The goal of this association is to find ways to enhance cleanliness, safety procedures, affordability, and the fun of boating sports. With over 30,000 members in the United States, the ABA continuously keeps them up to date on the latest boating and marine trends.


                This partnership will continue to allow us to enhance our products for the marine industry with knowledge of boater needs and government regulations. We look forward to seeing what this partnership can bring to TiMOTION.


Click here to learn more about the American Boating Association.

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