T-Smart Intelligent Electric Actuators

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An actuator with “T-Smart” functionality incorporates an integrated driver board. This allows for enhanced internal functionality without the need for an external control box, simplifying the assembly and performance of the system.


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TiMOTION's innovative “T-Smart feature is available in two alternatives:


1) T-Smart Advanced

This T-Smart alternative allows for the synchronization of up to 8 actuators with an integrated controller, allowing for coordinated and efficient movement. This makes it ideal for use in automated systems such as robotics and industrial machinery.


Features of T-Smart Advanced

TiMOTION's “T-Smart actuator technology offers a range of features and benefits for a variety of our electric linear actuators; these features include but are not limited to:

  • Synchronized Movement

    • Up to 8 actuators can be synchronized easily, ensuring proper alignment even with varied loads applied to each actuator. 

  • Virtual Stroke Limits

    • The actuator can be operated within its designated stroke range and will not surpass its defined upper and/or lower limit(s).

  • Soft Start and Soft Stop 

    • The actuator can be set to start at a slower speed and gradually increase as it begins its stroke, then decrease in speed as it approaches the end of the stroke. This helps to prevent impact loading and ensure zero velocity is reached at both the beginning and end of its stroke.

The T-Smart Advanced alternative is compatible with TiMOTION’s software program (PGMA, PGVN, etc.). Easily installed on a computer, our software program allows users to adjust the actuator's parameters, such as speed or stroke. Additionally, our software program provides real-time status monitoring to capture usage and performance data for development or maintenance purposes.


2) T-Smart Bus Communication

The T-Smart Bus Communication alternative allows for easy integration with industrial interfaces using different communication protocols. This alternative is currently available in SAE J1939 and Modbus. However, other communication protocols are also customizable.

  • SAE J1939

    • The SAE J1939 is a vehicle bus commonly used among automotive, as well as agricultural, forestry, and construction machinery. Our actuator is compatible with existing systems using SAE J1939, simplifying the wiring process and reducing the number of components required. As an added benefit, it is equipped with built-in safety mechanisms that ensure the actuator's operation.

  • Modbus RTU

    • Our actuators can also be seamlessly incorporated into existing industrial systems using Modbus RTU, the serial communication protocol predominantly used in industrial automation and process control. The T-Smart Modbus RTU offers facilitated monitoring, simplified wiring, and flexible programming, supporting a wide range of control.


Electric Linear Actuators with “T-Smart” Functionality

“T-Smart” actuator technology is now available in models such as the MA2, MA3,MA4, MA6 and VN1. These smart actuators feature a built-in driver board with a microprocessor, which allows the actuators to operate without a control box via the T-Smart feature.







MA2_T-Smart Electric Actuator

MA4_T-Smart Electric Actuator


VN1_T-Smart Electric Actuator


At TiMOTION, we offer unparalleled customization to meet the application's specific needs. As a vertically integrated company, we can fully adapt our actuators's stroke, speed, load capacity, program, protection, attachments, and cable length to the user's exact specifications.

For personalized assistance and solutions tailored to your specific needs, contact a local sales representative today!

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