TiMOTION: Automation For Quality of Life


TiMOTION, established in 2005, has been designing and manufacturing electric actuators, columns, and related accessories for more efficient and automated systems.


Our products are the perfect solution to modernize medical equipment and furniture, making them more practical and easy to use. Everyone wants to improve their quality of life, live as long as possible, and maintain their mobility and independence. This statement is especially true for older or disabled individuals.


TiMOTION's aim, born from shared ideas and passions, is to improve overall experience and quality of life. It is with the users' well-being at the heart of our thinking that drives our product development.

The common thread in the design and development of our products is to facilitate and make everyone's daily life more comfortable. Our products, compact and powerful, help to improve everyday life for those needing mobility, comfort, independence, and better health options.


From the medical market to the users' home, our highly customizable products adapt to all types of adjustable equipment needs.


More than just a single product, TiMOTION provides a complete turnkey and automated solution!



Medical Use


Our range of certified medical products complies with industry standards and requirements. They are designed to integrate into medical equipment, increasing their performance, comfort, and ergonomics for all users.


Now, complete health care can be given and received under the most efficient and comfortable conditions.



Home Use


Our range of comfort products is easily integrated into domestic furniture, thanks to their compact and modern design.

Don't want a home to look like a hospital? Users can now have adjustable furniture at home that seamlessly blends into their decor, all without fear that the design will make their living space look too sterile.


Numerous designers and manufacturers trust us to integrate our actuation solutions into their devices.


Users have better comfort and autonomy thanks to our easy customization for a variety of equipment such as wheelchairs, lift chairs, height-adjustable beds or tables, sofas, or other furniture.


Check out our examples below:



Wheelchairs and lift chairs


With the appropriate solution, it is now possible to easily adjust the wheelchair (seat height, backrest, leg and footrest tilt, etc.) to adapt to the users' needs perfectly.

Cooking, working, playing, sewing – all are activities facilitated or even made possible with the use of a modern electric and adjustable wheelchair.


For example, the ability to be able to stand upright makes daily life easier for older or disabled people.

The modern electric wheelchair, ergonomic and more practical, allows users to be able to find the best position, making it an indispensable part of everyday life.




Adjustable beds


A good night's sleep is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle, improving well-being, and regulating many vital functions.1 Bed automation, especially for people with health issues, becomes critical to enhancing the quality of life. With an electric bed, it is easy to find a comfortable position for a restful night's sleep.



Adjustable furniture


Adjustable equipment in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, or other areas becomes an essential part of easing daily living tasks. Customized adjustments help everyone – from small to large, young to old, or those with reduced mobility issues - to use their furniture while being able to actively and comfortably move around.

Position adjustments give the user a real sense of well-being and offer considerable health benefits2:

  • Reduction of pain
  • Reduction of limb ankylosis
  • Improvement of blood circulation


Furniture adjustments help users perform any activity while maintaining an ergonomic position.

TiMOTION is committed to improving and maintaining the quality of life!


While developing more innovative products, TiMOTION actively participates in the design of more practical, ergonomic, and comfortable systems that adapt to users' needs for optimal quality of life and daily well-being.



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