Modern and ergonomic hand controls TMH12 & TMH16 for medical equipment


The health of employees has now become a priority for companies.


Medical devices have evolved with technology to provide caregivers and patients comfort while administrating and receiving care.


No matter the location, whether it be in a hospital or at a home, nursing needs to be done in both a safe and comfortable environment.


Ergonomic devices are necessary in these places in order to protect healthcare workers from injury.


Due to advancements in technology, these devices are available to enhance the healthcare field. Thanks to cutting-edge technology development and technology democratization, access to this type of device is facilitated.


Since 2005, TiMOTION has continued to develop products to meet the growing demand for innovative solutions.

Electric linear actuators, height-adjustable columns, control boxes, batteries, hand controls, or footswitches… TiMOTION offers turnkey, customizable and tailored solutions to meet your customers’ needs.


And because details make perfection, we have developed 2 new modern and ergonomic handsets: the TMH12 & TMH16.

These hand controls can be used in many applications such as medical beds, exam tables, or operating tables. They allow patients to change their position (backrest, head, leg rest, and height) at any moment and simply.


The TMH12 and TMH16 hand controls can meet all requirements in terms of control, comfort, and security. Here are their advantages:

  • Available with 12 buttons
  • Possible membrane customization with pictograms
  • IP rating: IP66W
  • Options: backlight, safety key, magnetic or classic hook to fix the control


Operating with our TC14 or TC21 control boxes, both TMH12 & TMH16 are able to control up to 5 actuators.

The two fixation systems allow you to put the hand controls close to the patients and caregivers. You can utilize the magnetic feature for easy access, or the classic hook to hang the handset to the bed.

A safety key is an optional feature for this device. It allows the caregivers to take control of the positions on the medical device.


Check out our complete customized solutions for medical beds:


TMH12 and TFS6: hand control and footswitch to control actuators:

  • TA31QR: electric actuator with manual release to adjust the backrest
  • TA23: electric actuator to adjust the height of the bed
  • TA31: electric actuator to adjust the leg rest
  • TC21: control box to control all positions

Below are our complete customized solutions for medical chairs:


TMH16 and TFS5: hand control and footswitch to manage electric actuators and columns:

  • TA29:  electric actuator for the tilt of the medical chair
  • TL3: lifting column for the adjustment of the height
  • TBB5: back up power
  • TC21: control box to control the positions of the devices

Thanks to TiMOTION hand controls, you can easily adjust your equipment.


To get more information about our hand controls or a completely customized solution, contact a member of our sales team.



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