Improving Comfort Of Indoor Spaces With Electric Actuators And Columns


The quality of sleep depends first on the bed base on which we sleep. More and more people are turning to the electric bed base to improve their comfort, and there is a reason for this.


The electric bed base has many benefits for individuals’ health and sleeps quality. In general, it allows them to adjust their back and leg positions, but some more sophisticated beds offer many other options. The more electric actuators in the bed structure, the more adjustment possibilities there are.


What are the impacts of sleep?

The adjustable bed base reduces back pain by allowing better alignment of the spine.

Adjusting the bottom will slightly elevate the legs and improve blood circulation, enhancing comfort for people that have heavy legs, are overweight, or are pregnant.

The adjustment of the base will allow a person to sleep in a slightly upright position to relieve some respiratory discomforts related to asthma or ENT diseases[1].

Finally, the adjustable bed base allows anyone to find a comfortable position to prepare for sleep and fall asleep in a relaxed way.


Thanks to the adjustable bed base, individuals can find the ideal sleeping position and enjoy a restful sleep. Moreover, it helps to solve any discomfort or aches that could interfere with sleep.


TiMOTION offers compact and silent electric actuators as well as a range of accessories ideal for comfort furniture.

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