Ergonomic Hair Salons: The Importance of Furniture


A Complete and Relaxing Experience

The first hair salons appeared at the end of the 19th century and were reserved exclusively for men. Women were expected to get their hair done at home. It’s only since the 20th century that hair salons become democratized to the entire population.


Today, whether you visit your hairdresser regularly or occasionally, it represents a real moment of relaxation and comfort. Since the hair salon market is very competitive, salons are constantly adding new services and technologies to enhance their client experience.


While it is true that the design of the hair salon attracts customers, its reputation also lies in the comfort of its furniture. Ergonomic and comfortable furniture allows professionals to optimize their work and bring satisfaction to their customers by decreasing discomfort due to bad posture.


The Waiting Room

Comfort is necessary from the moment a client walks through the front door. Thanks to electric actuators, it is possible to have leg rests on their chairs and various seat inclinations. The wait becomes a moment of relaxation on its own. Our TA29 electric actuator is particularly suitable for the furniture sector. Economical and compact, it is perfect for adjusting the client’s legs on an armchair.


The Shampoo Tray

Now it is time to begin with a quick shampoo. Equipment adjustment is essential to avoid discomfort for both the hairdresser and the client. Adjusting the height of the shampoo tray or chair makes it possible to adapt the equipment to the hairdresser. This will prevent him or her from bending down too far or holding their arms up too high.


The angle of the chair allows for the hairdresser to perfectly position the client, reducing stiffness in the client’s neck. With these additional measures of comfort, a hairdresser can optimize the time of shampooing by offering additional services such as a scalp massage.


Ergonomic equipment allows the customer to take full advantage of these treatments and enjoy even more comfort.  

Our TA32 electric actuator is ideal for optimizing furniture and adjusting the headrest of equipment. The TA6 allows tilting the chair gently and quietly, without causing discomfort.  

For spa tubs, the TA16 fits perfectly with its compact and silent design. Its optional IP66 protection makes it even more efficient in a humid environment. These actuators can be equipped with hall sensors as well. These hall sensors allow for smooth and synchronous positioning.


electric actuators for hairdresser equipment


Hair Styling

When styling a client’s hair, the ergonomics of the salon chair are also important. A client in an adjustable chair makes the efforts of a hairdresser much more manageable. By adjusting the positioning of the client, the hairdresser can more easily provide a quality result.


Ergonomic and Adjustable Furniture

The ergonomics of the equipment also makes it possible to adapt to people with reduced mobility and provide them with the same quality of service. With a load capacity of 10,000 N in push, our TA23 electric actuator is particularly suitable for the lifting functions of armchairs and shampoo trays. Silent and compact, it integrates perfectly in hairdressers’ furniture, making it possible to adjust the equipment in a fluid and secure way.


TiMOTION offers quiet and fluid solutions that avoid jerky movements or unwanted noise. This guarantees to not disturb the client during their relaxing trip to the salon. With our reliable systems, you know that you have equipment that will safely fit the needs of any customer.


Sealing Equipment

The waterproofness of electrical solutions is crucial. In a hair salon, equipment is close to shampoo trays and is exposed to splashing water, requiring additional protection for safe handling and efficient cleaning.


electric actuators for hairdresser equipment


TiMOTION electric linear actuators for hair salon equipment

TiMOTION offers a complete solution for your hairdressing furniture. In order to guarantee fluid mobility and optimized ergonomics, we suggest connecting all the actuators of your equipment to the TC6 control box, which allows you to synchronize up to 5 actuators smoothly. With the TH17 handset, enjoy an easy to use and customizable interface.


Our electric actuators also operate in a direct-cut system with the TJB5 junction box and the TP9 power supply. The TH6, TFH11, and TH23 handsets are perfectly adapted for this kind of use and allow for various adaptions to meet user needs.


More and more hair salons are equipping their furniture with electrical solutions. Compact, electric actuators adapt to any type of equipment. They can also be equipped with various optional sensors, allowing great versatility with a multitude of synchronized movements. Electric actuators create functional and comfortable spaces for sophisticated hairdressing salons and top of the line services for all.


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