TL27: An Electric Lifting Column to Easily Adjust Medical Devices

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Our new 2-stage electric column TL27 is specifically designed for medical applications such as ophthalmic tables.


It is equipped with an input and output AC plug to connect computers, TVs, or other devices.  An ethernet socket and a handset plug are also available.


With this innovative product, you can create position adjustments in any kind of application, improving overall ergonomics. It can also push up to 3300 N and its speed can be up to 10.5mm/s under 1800N, allowing users to quickly adjust the height of the disposal.


Available in black or grey, our column can easily match the design of your application.


Used with our TH14 or TFH21 in direct-cut current, it will be easy for customers to adjust the height of the machine.


Combined with an electric actuator, the application can be tilted easily according to the user’s needs.


For more information about our new column, contact a member of our sales team.

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