How Are Linear Actuators Used in Spa Equipment


Did you know that linear actuators are just as common within heavy, industrial machinery as they are within your local spa? These components play a huge role in creating the ultimate spa experience – a calming session tailored to one’s individual needs. Here are some of the various components of a spa that employ the use of an actuator:


Massage Tables

Anyone who has had the pleasure of receiving a massage understands that adjustable massage tables are a necessity. The capabilities offered by linear actuators allow the table to raise, lower, lift, and flex – all at the touch of a button. This is extremely important for the comfort of the client. Additionally, the ability to raise or lower a table greatly benefits those who are administering the service. Masseuses generally stand for the whole session, so it is crucial that their ergonomic needs are being met. There would be nothing more detrimental to their health than to be in a constant bent position or straining throughout the session to reach the table. 


The actuators that we create at TiMOTION are designed for other practical reasons as opposed to just these ergonomic benefits. Our powerful actuators have an increased lift capacity for clients in a higher weight range. And because this application is designed for a relaxed environment, our actuators operate at a low noise level to reduce stress and tension.


Pedicure & Lounge Chairs

Nail salons are a staple in urban cities as well as less populated towns. With abundant competition amongst salons, the comfort level of a salon’s pedicure chair can mean the difference between keeping a client or losing them to the salon down the street. Additionally, lounge chairs within spas must also be thoughtfully designed to provide the best comfort.


TiMOTION’s actuators allow manufacturers to create the very best chairs that will keep customers satisfied and the demand for the product strong. A TiMOTION actuator within these types of chairs allows for smooth, linear movement with minimal noise.


TiMOTION also offers optional vibration massage motors that can easily be integrated with our customizable hand controls. These massage motors are 12V or 24V DC motors and come in four options that are suitable for adjustable beds, leisure chairs and recliners, pedicure and lounge chairs, and more.  


Chiropractic Tables

With more and more of the population placing an emphasis on their health and overall comfort, chiropractors have become a commonplace solution to widespread ailments such as chronic back pain. As an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, the chiropractic field must stay on top of advancements in technology in order to provide the best solution for patients. Electric linear actuators are one advancement that has drastically improved this field of medicine. For example, chiropractic tables greatly benefit from the range of motion that actuators provide. These adjustable tables lower the part of the body that corresponds to the patient’s spinal area that needs to be treated. In the case of patients who are very stiff or whose joints are significantly degenerated, this optional motion is essential. Patients utilizing updated chiropractic equipment which includes various actuators, will enjoy better long-term flexibility, strengthen weak muscles, resist additional body injury, see improvements in posture and sleep cycles, and encounter fewer aches and pains.



TiMOTION partners with global manufacturers to provide best-in-class actuation systems for a multitude of applications. Our business strategy and vertical integration model allows us to commit to close collaboration with our customers in order to meet their project’s every need. Additionally, our customization capabilities are unmatched within the industry, and we are able to offer the most competitive prices, as well as the highest standards of quality. Contact a TiMOTION representative today to learn more about how we can meet the needs of your next application project.

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