3 Reasons You Need a TV Lift


Watching TV has become a part of our day to day activities. Whether we are binge-watching our favorite shows or cuddling up to a nice movie, watching these screens provides us with pure joy.


Because we love our televisions so much, it is important that we find the best ways to mount and protect them. With TV lifts, like our TVL3, we can watch our television when we want and hide it when it is not in use.


But why would we ever want to "hide" our televisions? Here are some reasons why TV lifts are a great addition to your home entertainment system:

  • Child Safety

    • Do you have little kids running around the house? A TV lift is a perfect solution for child safety. With the push of a button on a handset, like our TFH5, you can lower the TV into a stand to hide from children as they play. This guarantees they can't accidentally knock over the TV and get injured.
  • Protect your Television

    • Let's be honest, flat-screen televisions are expensive. And without meaning to, you might hit your TV when doing chores, playing with your dog, or just walking by. A TV lift allows you to lower your TV, protecting it from breaking, and preventing you from having to buy a new one.
  • Declutter your Space

    • No one enjoys a cluttered home. But we also don't like getting rid of the stuff we accumulate over the years. Being able to hide your TV gives you a decluttered feeling without getting rid of your Saturday night movie marathons. Also, if your lift is mounted on a tabletop, when you put the TV away, you can easily use that space for folding laundry, studying, or having your morning cup of coffee. A decluttered area can be very versatile and help you maximize the space in your home.

A TV lift is an excellent investment for anyone's home. It allows you to declutter your home with the push of a button and ensures the safety and protection of your TV.


For more information, reach out to your local sales representative!


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