TiMOTION Announces First Scholarship Recipient

뉴스와 기사

June 20, 2017- TiMOTION’s US office is proud to announce the winner of the first round of applications for its TiMOTION Scholarship Program in 2017.

Nathaniel Stauffer is a mechanical engineering major, entering his junior year at Pennsylvania State University this upcoming fall. Congratulations to Nathanial Stauffer for his academic accomplishments!

TiMOTION is still currently reviewing all applications that have been submitted since the beginning of this year, and will be awarding the additional scholarship opportunities in the next few months.


If you qualify during the second round of scholarships, we will be selecting the recipient by August 1st, 2017. The other three scholarships will be awarded over the course of the year, ending on December 1st, 2017. Therefore, you will have four opportunities to receive a scholarship between today and the first of December.


Your application, no matter the time submitted, will be reviewed during each round of selections.


For more information regarding application requirements and eligibility, please see our Scholarship Program’s rules outlined here

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