How Electric Actuators Enhance Renewable Energy Benefits

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In the past 20 years, there has been a global interest in renewable energy. Today, solar panels and wind turbines have become a popular means of providing clean energy. Improving the way that these machines function is an important part of maximizing output.  Integrating electric linear actuators into energy applications provides a durable, eco-friendly, and maintenance-free solution.


Solar Panels

Solar power is now the most popular form of alternative energy. Because solar panels are a financial investment, it is important that the equipment functions at a level that increases ROI. Electric actuators help accomplish this by adjusting the solar panel based on the position of the sun, which maximizes the amount of energy captured. The system feedback from the actuator ensures clear and accurate measurement.




Wind Turbines

Wind energy is also increasing in demand. As wind farms begin to transform into massive power plants, actions must be taken to ensure safety and security for the staff.  Using electric actuators, technicians can electronically control the access hatch and rotor lock; this provides operators safe and easy access to equipment and prevents unintended access. Actuators also provide electronic control of turbine ventilation so that systems can naturally aerate and keep costs low. 



Electric linear actuators, unlike hydraulic systems, function without any pumps, hoses, or compressors. This eliminates possible oil spills and lowers maintenance costs of the equipment. Over time, both factors help reduce the carbon footprint for alternative energy sources. The long-term reliability and convenient installation make electric linear actuators a great fit for alternative energy solutions.


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