Actuators in Agriculture

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Actuators have a role in many different fields. Agriculture, for example, is improved through the capabilities of electric actuators.


You can find an actuator in tons of equipment used in the agriculture field. Sprayers, planters, harvesters, and seed drills are just a few of the tools that depend on actuator technology.


So why use an actuator in agriculture tools?

Actuators help with precision. Farmers can control height, angles, types of movement, and so much more.


In tractors, electric actuators allow for precise steering wheel adjustments, rearview mirror adjustments, and the opening and closing of windows for ventilation/comfort. Being able to truly customize the movement of the tractor, farmers can make sure they are using the tool to its greatest ability.


Precision is key. If spreaders did not have actuators, fertilizers, sands, and chemicals would not go in the correct place. This could cause crops to die and a poor season for the farmer.


The MA5 is one of our newest actuators in the MA Series. It is designed for applications that face harsh working environments that require durability and ruggedness. It is strong enough to withstand high-pressure water jets and has a casing that ensures dust and other contaminants can't get into the actuator.


Find a local representative to learn more about our actuators for agriculture.

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