Electric Linear Actuators For Relaxation Equipment


Stress, fatigue, and musculoskeletal disorders are everyday problems that everyone may experience in their lives.

These uncomfortable conditions push more and more people to search for relaxation, release, and comfort. This comfort also comes from their equipment. By combining the right technologies, discover how electric actuation systems can design innovative, adjustable, and sophisticated relaxation equipment to ensure comfort and relief for all users.


Electric actuation systems for smooth and quiet movement

TiMOTION electric linear actuators provide smooth and silent movements, preserving the tranquility of users and their neighbors. Robust, they can support high loads. Thus, the equipment adapts to people of all morphologies and operates movements in complete safety. Their compact size allows easy installation in equipment of any size.


TiMOTION linear actuators can be equipped with optional Hall effect sensors to provide feedback from the position to the control box and synchronize the devices.


Finally, some of our electric actuators can also be equipped with an optional "push only" function to avoid pinching any foreign body in the equipment. This function is particularly suitable for relaxation equipment with folding elements, such as the leg rest, which can injure people or damage the equipment in instances of pinching.


With over 15 years of experience in electric actuator solutions, TiMOTION designs and manufactures 12V and 24V electric linear actuators to fit any type of comfort equipment.

Electric actuation systems make it easy for all types of users, including those with reduced mobility, to use the equipment and adopt the best position for their relaxation.


Complete electric motion solutions for recliners and massage chairs

Recliners are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. They reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation and breathing for an immediate feeling of well-being.

Electric linear actuators make it possible to adjust the various elements of the chair. Our complete turnkey solutions, combined with different accessories, add value to your products to turn them into genuine relaxation equipment. Moreover, thanks to the height adjustment, they also facilitate accessibility for people with reduced mobility.


Electric linear actuators for recliners


Height Adjustment


  • 4,000 N in push and pull
  • Retracted length:
    ≥ stroke + 100 mm
  • Stroke: 20~300 mm 
  • Option: Hall effect sensors

Back Adjustment


  • 1,500 N in push and pull
  • Retracted length: 
    ≥ stroke + 100 mm
  • Stroke: 25~200 mm
  • Option: push only

Legs Adjustment


  • 1,500 N in push and pull
  • Retracted length:
    ≥ 160 mm
  • Stroke: 20~200 mm
  • Option: Hall effect sensors

Control Box


  • Number of motors: 1~4
  • Maximum output voltage: 24V DC, 5A
  • Input voltage: 24V DC

Hand Control


  • Controls up to 5 pairs of massage motors
  • 3 different massage modes possible: wave, tap, or swell

Massage Motor


  • 12V DC or 24V DC


Complete electric motion solutions for leisure beds

Many people use their bed as a space to relax. Working, reading, listening to music, watching TV, or having breakfast are all activities that can be done in bed. Thanks to the electric linear actuators, your beds become versatile and can be adapted to all tastes.


At the same time, the adjustment of the backrest or the legs makes it possible to improve the quality of sleep and to relieve certain daily discomforts. The adjustable bed base offers a better alignment of the spine, which will alleviate some backaches.


The leg adjustment will allow the legs to raise slightly and improve blood circulation.  This is a significant comfort asset for overweight people suffering from heavy legs or pregnant women.

The adjustment of the backrest will alleviate some respiratory issues and assist sleep.


Thanks to electric motion systems and associated technologies, leisure beds adapt to all needs and desires for maximum comfort and relaxation.


electric linear actuators for leisure beds


Height Adjustment


  • 8,000 N in push
    and 3,000 N in pull
  • Retracted length:
    ≥ stroke + 157 mm
  • Stroke: 25~450 mm 
  • Options: safety nut, push only, Hall effect sensors

Back Adjustment


  • 4,000 N in pushand pull
  • Retracted length:
    ≥ stroke + 100 mm
  • Stroke: 20~300 mm 
  • Option: Hall effect sensors

Legs Adjustment


  • 2,000 N in push
    and 1,500 N in pull
  • Retracted length:
    ≥ stroke + 115 mm
  • Stroke: 45~200 mm
  • Option: Hall effect sensors

Control Box


  • Number of motors: 1~5
  • Overcurrent protection


Hand Control


  • Connected actuators: 1~3
  • Maximum number of buttons available: 10
  • Color: Black or grey
  • Wireless RF control available

USB Port


Under Bed Lighting


  • 10 or 15 small LEDs
  • 2 M5 holes for installation
  • Low power consumption: 0,8W

Reading Light


  • LED
  • Mounted directly on a
    recliner or bed
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Flexible gooseneck



Today, the demand for relaxation equipment is increasing. Don't wait any longer, and add more value to your product line! TiMOTION provides complete, customizable, and turnkey actuation systems for all types of relaxation equipment.


Find the tailor-made solution for your adjustment project by contacting your nearest local sales department.

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