TiMOTION TL10H is an excellent industrial lifting column for laboratories, workstations, kitchens, and offices,


Lifting column TL10H brings ergonomics to industrial and home applications

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Both in today's work life and in the comfort of the home, having customizable workspaces is a must. Whether you are working from home in your kitchen or in the office, lifting columns allow you to turn your workspace into whatever you need it to be.


Our TL10H is one of our newest lifting column. It is both sturdy and has a great lifting capacity of 120 kg per column, making it an excellent choice for industrial and home applications. These lifting columns move quietly and smoothly, creating a peaceful and quiet environment.


See how versatile the TL10H is below:


  • Industrial Workstations

Industrial workstations are expected to withstand heavy weights. Since the TL10H can hold up to 120 kg per column, it can easily support heavy duty work carried out by industrial workers such as welders and mechanics. Whether they are handling large pieces of metal, wood or other heavy material, these lifting columns enable to adjust the height of workstations which can significantly improve the ergonomics of your working environment. The TL10H is a reliable product that guarantees an optimized, comfortable and resistant workspace.


  • Packing Tables

Getting items shipped quickly has become a part of today's shopping culture. The expectation of two-day shipping means that manufacturers and packers need to have workspaces that make it easy to ship fast. By using lifting columns, workers can customize their space, allowing them to get their job done faster!


  • Laboratory workbench

In laboratories, there is little room for error. When working on a project or experiment, it is important that the environment is just right. With lifting columns, scientists and engineers can adjust their workspaces to ensure their projects are worked on properly. No matter the project, the appropriate workspace will ensure it is executed accurately!


  • Adjustable Kitchen Countertop

The kitchen is increasingly considered as the "heart of the home.”

For this reason, kitchen design should be given particular thought to suit their users’ needs. Adjustable kitchen countertops are an excellent feature to optimize your kitchen space and provide the flexibility to adapt to each member of the family’s height and activity. With lifting columns, your countertop can be easily raised and lowered with the push of a button, making your kitchen unique and accessible to all.


Our TL10H is the perfect lifting column for industrial and home applications. If you need a lifting column that can provide power with little noise, this is the product you have been looking for.


Our technological expertise and customization capability driven by our customer focus allow us to tailor our solutions to your project’s needs, however specific your requirements may be.

We are able to offer you a variety of complete system solutions to equip your adjustable devices.


Discover one of our solution:

  • TL10H: Our lifting column designed for the height adjustment of any device in a smooth, quiet and quick way.
  • TC16P: Our control box capable of connecting up to 3 TL10H and includes an anticollision integrated system. It is compatible the following accessories:
    • TDH6: Design handset with memory function, using a 3-digit display and up to 7 buttons for easy use.
    • TBB9: External battery for system autonomy


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