TBB9: A New Battery Solution to Make Your Office Applications Mobile

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This new detachable battery pack features an easy-mounting dock, making it ideal for mobile office furniture needs, such as mobile desks, carts, and tv/monitor stands. It consists of Micro USB charging or the use of a control box, allowing you to customize charging to your available office space.


The LED indicators and buzzer on this battery pack specify the level of power in your battery. You will never have to worry about your office desk or other application losing charge without you knowing.


It also comes with a very slim and compact design. The battery only weighs 490g and is 31mm tall. Although compact, this battery has high output performance which can support up to 4 actuators.



The TBB9 is compatible with our upgraded control boxes- TC15P and TC11P, which not only retain the advantages from earlier generations but also adds so much more:

- 0.1 W Standby power consumption

- Quick start

- Built-in T-touch (anti-collision sensor)

- Support charging accessories (USB or Wireless)


TiMOTION provides complete and flexible solutions for office furniture applications which allow for high mobility, flexible options, and smooth movement for your design.


Click here to learn more about the TBB9 or contact us today to learn how it can fit your application needs!

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