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Smart Actuators For Industrial Applications | MA2T - TiMOTION

TiMOTION’s MA2T series electric linear actuator was specifically designed for applications that endure harsh working conditions, requiring exceptional durability. The MA2T is an ideal solution for applications such as agricultural, commercial, and industrial equipment. 


Equipped with an onboard, embedded driver, the MA2T can be easily integrated with different control interfaces without need of an external control box. 


The MA2T is available in two “T-smart” versions:
1)     T-smart  (Synchronized)   
An integrated “T-smart” controller allows for synchronization of up to 8 actuators
2)     Industrial Protocol   
An integrated T-smart controller allows for integration with CAN bus SAE J1939 industrial interfaces, providing:
- Increased flexibility of programming and control 
- Compatibility with existing systems 
- Simplified wiring with fewer components 


Both versions are compatible with our programmer (PGMA), allowing more flexibility, and enabling the user to adjust parameters such as speed or actuator stroke easily. Additionally, the PGMA also provides status monitoring, capturing usage and performance data for development or maintenance purposes.

Recursos gerais

  • Carga máxima: 8 000 N (impulso); 4 000 N (tração)

  • Velocidade máxima com carga máxima: 5.1mm/s

  • Velocidade máxima sem carga: 52.5mm/s

  • Dimensão mínima de instalação: ≥ Curso + 131mm

  • Classe de protecção (IP): IP69K

  • Curso: 25~1000mm

  • Saídas de sinal: Sensores Hall, sensor Reed no tubo externo

  • Opção: T-Smart

  • Tensão máxima do motor: 12/24V DC

  • Intervalo de temperatura de funcionamento: -40˚C ~ +85˚C

  • Intervalo de temperatura operacional com desempenho total: +5°C~+45°C

  • Função manual

Standard Dimension (mm)


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