Atuadores lineares

TiMOTION’s TA38 linear actuator is designed for comfort furniture applications

TiMOTION’s TA38 series linear actuator is suitable for seating applications that require saving space in a home environment. The TA38 features a very slim design with a small installation size of only 160mm, providing manufacturers great freedom during the design process of their seating products. The palm sized motor with up to 1500N force is excellent for backrest positioning in recliners and comfort chairs.

Recursos gerais

  • Voltage of motor: 24V DC, or 24V DC (PTC)
  • Maximum load: 1500N in push/pull
  • Maximum speed at full load: 7.9mm/s (with 1500N in a push or pull condition)
  • Stroke: ≥ 20~200mm
  • Minimum installation dimension: ≥ 160mm
  • Color: Black or grey
  • IP Rating: Up to IP66
  • Operational temperature range: +5°C~+45°C
  • Options: Hall sensors

Standard Dimension (mm)


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