TA38 & TA43: compact electric actuators for optimized adjustable furniture


We have developed two new electric actuators for our comfort collection: TA38 and TA43.


TA38 electric actuator


Adding a TiMOTION electric actuator to furniture applications will provide a wide range of adjustment options while creating quiet and smooth movement.


The TA38 offers:

  • Compact and unique design
  • Simple assembly
  • Low noise


It’s compact design allows you to save space when installing. Although compact, this actuator is sturdy, featuring worm gear that can handle just about any situation.

The TA38 is designed for applications such as recliners. This electric actuator allows adjustment of the back rest position for optimal comfort for the user. Not only that, but this actuator has low noise, making adjustments both smooth and quiet.


The TA38 features:

  • 1,500N in push
  • Stroke: ≥ 20~200mm
  • Minimum installation dimension: ≥ Stroke+115mm
  • Hall sensors,  IP66 protection in option

It can be used with both direct cut system and with a TiMOTION control box.


TA43 electric actuator


Our new TA43 has been developed with a very short retracted length (stroke+100mm), specifically designed for applications with very little space.  


The TA43 features:

  • 4,000N in push
  • Stroke: ≥ 20~300mm
  • Minimum installation dimension: ≥ 100mm
  • Option: Hall sensors

It can be used with both direct cut system or with a TiMOTION control box.


Check out our complete customized solution for your equipment:


  • TA38 & TA43 + TA32 to adjust the positions of a recliner:
    • TA38 electric actuator to adjust the back rest
    • TA43 for the leg rest
    • TA32 for the neck rest
  • TC3: control box is able to connect four actuators
  • TP11: SMPS transformer
  • TBB8: a backup battery to allow users to manage their device without current
  • TFH22:  RF wireless hand control to manage up to three actuators.
  • TRF2: a receiver for the wireless TFH22 handset


For more technical info, refer to our catalog.  


To learn more about our electric actuators or to find out a more customized solution, contact a member of our sales team.



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