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Embedded Design Lifting Electric Actuators | TA48 - TiMOTION

TA48 is a new lifting mechanism concept. It is designed to be embedded on the side panels or walls to lift up/down shelves for kitchen storage. With this solution, there is no visible steel mechanism; which allows for a clean and elegant design for furniture, such as kitchen cabinet, portable projection stands or side table. TA48 is ideal for furniture designers who like to achieve both aesthetic and ergonomic solutions for their projects.

General Features

  • Max. load: 1500N (push)

  • Max. speed at max. load: 15mm/s

  • Max. speed at no load: 108mm/s

  • Retracted length: ≥ Stroke + 360mm

  • Stroke: 100~500mm

  • Output signals: Hall sensors

  • Voltage: 24V DC

  • Color: Black, white, grey, or special grey

  • Operational temperature range: +5°C~+45°C

  • Embedded in the panels or walls

Standard Dimension (mm)


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