Power Supplies

TiMOTION highly efficient power supplies are used in a wide range of actuation equipment

As a leading provider of electric linear actuation systems for manufacturers, TiMOTION provides power sources and other related accessories required to complete the entire system. We make and distribute these components for manufacturers in countless industries — from home and office furniture to medical equipment. Our highly efficient power supplies are utilized with our wide range of linear actuator equipment. See the full selection of power supplies listed below. Click each item for additional information, and read further to learn more about the TiMOTION difference.

Linear Actuator Power Supplies
When it comes to electric actuator equipment, it is crucial to have the right kind of power supply in order to produce the best possible operation for your end product. It is equally important that your power supply option is compatible with your specific electric actuator equipment. TiMOTION carries a comprehensive range of linear actuator equipment, along with power supply options suited for various needs. Our products range in size and style and are adaptable for multiple North American, European and Asian power outlets. In addition, they can be used to run either a single actuator or multiple actuators simultaneously or in a synchronized fashion.


Power Supplies for Multiple Industries 
Electric linear actuators are becoming commonplace in several industries — notably furniture, medical equipment and industrial applications. Linear actuators are able to use an electric motor’s rotational motion and convert it into linear motion. It is important to have a reliable, safe and convenient power supply in order to apply this technology in the right setting. Manufacturers understand the importance of selecting the right actuator power supply, and here are a few reasons they trust TiMOTION:

  • Purchasing your power supply equipment through TiMOTION is the best decision, as we can provide you with the actuator equipment itself and any compatible components to complete an entire turnkey solution. TiMOTION also offers control systems to operate all linear actuation systems.
  • Our business model allows us to customize to meet specific design needs of virtually any industry with a need of electric linear actuators.
  • You know you can trust TiMOTION for only the highest quality electric actuator equipment and components. Several products meet CE/UL/CQC certifications. We subject all parts to rigorous quality control. 

The TiMOTION Difference
TiMOTION has earned a reputation as a trusted business partner for manufacturers in every industry. Our commitment to quality and customization is unmatched, and our vertically integrated business model allows us to maintain the highest standards while being the most economical option. Our highly knowledgeable team prioritizes customer service. We work with each client on an individual bases to ensure that you are able to meet your unique business needs efficiently and effectively.

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