Lifting Columns

TiMOTION lifting columns are commonly used in medical applications

TiMOTION telescopic lifting columns are best-suited for height adjustable office, industrial and medical equipment which require vertical movement. Our columns are made specifically for quiet and smooth movement in such manufactured products as desks and medical beds. See our full product listing below, and read on to learn more about telescoping linear actuators, benefits and applications, and why TiMOTION is the best choice for these products.

The Basics of Our Telescoping Columns
Manufacturers are increasingly reliant on linear actuator technology for equipment with smooth vertical motion. TiMOTION columns use high quality linear actuator mechanisms that convert an electric motor’s rotational motion into linear motion; in addition to giving a machine the ability to move and rotate, this technique is ideal for vertical motion by way of a telescopic design. With the push of a button, heavy equipment can be moved up and down effortlessly. Manufacturers understand that this type of technology, when applied in industrial or office settings, is efficient and economical. TiMOTION offers multiple types of columns, made to be perfectly compatible with our control boxes and pushbutton controls. Manufacturers rely on our lifting column actuator products for customized solutions ideally suited for virtually any working environment project.


Benefits and Applications
Compared with traditional hydraulic and pneumatic lifting mechanisms, electric actuators are quickly becoming the industry standard, and for good reason. Here are just a few benefits to embracing this mechanism in your manufacturing:

  • It’s economical. Electric actuators are cost-efficient and reliable. They require less long-term maintenance.
  • It’s high quality. Our UL-approved columns are sturdy, reliable and of the highest quality. They are also dust and water resistant.
  • It’s flexible. The beauty of electric actuators is that they are fully automated and compatible with several types of machinery.
  • It’s customizable. Install our devices in any type of equipment that needs easy vertical motion.

Commercial and industrial product designers find easy value in our columns. TiMOTION offers a wide range of telescoping lifting columns. Click on the links above in the products section for more detailed information about each item we can provide you.


TiMOTION is one of the most trusted names in this industry, especially when it comes to telescopic actuators that are high quality, low noise and economical. Our rigorous quality control process means you only receive products that meet the highest standards. We also distribute compatible custom-made control systems to smoothly operate linear actuation systems. TiMOTION further commits to quality products by way of our vertically integrated business model. This allows us to meet custom design needs of any industry in a cost-efficient manner, and we pass those savings to our customers. Our team is highly knowledgeable and eager to hear how we can help you make a superior end product. Contact TiMOTION today to learn more about our product lines and to find out how we can help you meet your business objectives.

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