Gear Motors

TiMOTION high-quality gear motors

In addition to electric actuator systems and components, TiMOTION distributes a line of gear motors that is perfectly compatible with TiMOTION control boxes. Our products are made to be an economic solution for manufacturing adjustable desks or other industrial equipment. See our product listing below, and read on to learn more about our high-quality options for gear motors.

A Solution for Easy, Effective Motion
The TiMOTION line of electric gear motors includes options made specifically for industrial applications.  Our products are made for commercial and industrial product designers looking for a quality product that can provide linear motion to the end design. Our gear motors make it possible for manufacturers to custom design products that are fast, quiet and smooth.


An Economical Alternative to Columns    
TiMOTION is known for balancing high quality with cost efficiency. Our line of gear motors is an economic alternative to columns and actuators. Our gear motors are affordable and efficient — and we never sacrifice quality.


Commitment to Quality 
TiMOTION products have earned a reputation for exceptional quality. Our manufacturer partners stand behind our products, and we are proud to have earned several certifications based on high-quality standards. Many of our gear motor products have UL certification, meaning they meet high standards of safety.


Options Available 
TiMOTION distributes a wide range of gear motor options for use in multiple applications. Product details are listed above for the TGM1, TGM2, TGM3, TGM4, TGM5 and TGM7 series gear motors. Options range by voltage, including 12V, 24V and 36V DC gear motors.


Each option includes the benefits that keep manufacturers coming back to TiMOTION for parts and components. End products are known for low noise levels, an impressive lifespan, heavy-duty features able to withstand continued heavy use, and being compact and highly economical.


The TiMOTION Difference
TiMOTION stands out in the electric linear actuator industry because of our attention to detail and level of customer service. We value your business and in turn are a trusted business partner committed to helping you. Because of our vertically integrated business model, TiMOTION is uniquely positioned in this industry. We are able to meet individual manufacturer specifications by way of a customized approach to meet the needs of virtually any industry — whereas other distributors are limited in design and product integration options. What’s more, we can do it all in a cost-efficient way that never sacrifices quality.


The TiMOTION team is committed to customer satisfaction. We take every extra quality control step to ensure that you receive the best possible actuator parts and components. 

We work with each customer on an individual basis, so contact one of our staff members today to let us know about your specific business needs. We are happy to explain the options available and provide you with any additional information.

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