TiMOTION control panels offer diverse functionality at the push of a button

Easy access and smart control is just as essential as having the right electric linear actuator system in the first place. TiMOTION is an industry leader in linear actuator controls that provide diverse functionality at the push of a button. We carry a wide range of options suited for applications in fields ranging from ergonomic office furniture to safe and adjustable equipment for health care settings. From basic to advanced settings, we carry the optimal solution for you. Below, see our individual product listings, as well as additional information about the benefits of quality electric linear actuator control options.

Compatible Parts for Easy Integration
TiMOTION has earned a reputation for providing only the highest quality electric actuator systems available, and our accessories and controls are specifically made to enhance user experience. When you commit to a quality-manufactured product that takes advantage of the most impressive actuator technology in the industry, you want control options that are easily and smartly integrated. With a wide selection of controls, TiMOTION assures its manufacturing partners that each option is tailor fitted for a seamless end product. How does the complete package work? Electric actuators operate by converting an electric motor’s rotational motion into linear motion, giving your product the ability to move and pivot in different directions, as well as lift, lower, push and pull. For industries that need easy, safe movement, electric linear actuators are an ideal option. The right controls give you even more ease of use and safer control.


Smart Options for an Optimal Experience
Because TiMOTION knows this industry inside and out, we are uniquely positioned to bring you control options that make sense. From attached to linear actuator remote controls, we are sure to carry what you need. We’ve got you covered on specific electrical needs: 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V DC options along with 110V and 220V AC, too. Our products are a preferred option because they are low noise, enjoy comparatively long lives, are heavy duty for constant and rigorous use, and they are compact for easy installation that makes sense for your specific manufacturing needs. Our products have also earned the certifications showing our commitment to high-quality standards — UL certification for meeting stringent safety standards and RoHS certification specific to high-quality electrical products. 


TiMOTION is your ideal partner when it comes to manufacturing products that function properly every time. We take a tailored, customized approach for each of our business partners and deliver the best possible solution. Our vertically integrated business model gives us the flexibility to provide you with fully customized design needs without passing any cost burden off onto the customer. The competition, by comparison, cannot offer the same while adhering to the rigorous quality standards of TiMOTION. Contact us today to learn more about how TiMOTION can help you meet your business needs.

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