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TiMOTION control boxes are the

TiMOTION currently manufactures a wide range of control boxes to ensure a perfect fit for manufacturers’ applications. Depending on the application’s required components and functionality, customized software can be written to manage the various movements expected from the complete system. TiMOTION’s control boxes are designed for industries such as home furniture, workplace ergonomics, medical applications and industrial applications.

Customizable Software
TiMOTION has earned a reputation for manufacturing only the highest quality electric linear actuator systems available.  A key part of these linear motion systems is the control box which serves as the brains of the system.  


Software within these control boxes are custom designed by our dedicated software engineering team to ensure compatibility with your system’s components.  Custom software design also provides your system with higher complexity options such as synchronization and simultaneous movement.


Individual, Synchronized or Simultaneous Movement
Potentiometers and Hall Effect sensors are used to send feedback signals to the control box.  These signals relay the accurate, current position of an electric linear actuator and can be used when synchronization or simultaneous movement between two or more electric actuators is required.  


Examples of applications which require synchronization are height adjustable desks or tables and medical beds.  Within a synchronized application, the actuators will be required to maintain the same level of travel between two electric linear actuators.  If the electric actuators within the table application do not maintain synchronization, the table will not maintain the proper level.  The same goes for the medical bed application, where the bed must maintain an even level or else injury to the patient may occur.


Examples of applications which require simultaneous movement are motion home living beds, medical beds and patient lifting chairs. Simultaneous movement essentially means that two or more linear actuators are being extended or retracted at the same time.  This is helpful when two separate actions must be performed at the same time, an example being a chair which retracts the foot and raises the back at the same time.  Trendelenburg movement is also enabled by simultaneous movement – where a medical bed moves from a flat position to a position where a patient’s feet are above his or her head.


Flexible Configuration Options
As stated earlier, TiMOTION control boxes serve as the brains for a linear actuation system.  In a complete system there are:

  • One or more electric linear actuators
  • Control box
  • Controls such as hand controls, foot switches or wireless remotes
  • Power supplies which convert 110V AC or 220V AC (or 100V~240V AC depending on the transformer) to power which is usable by the linear actuation system
  • Accessories


Sometimes a Control Box Isn’t Needed

For some single linear actuation systems, a control box isn’t needed.  TiMOTION also manufactures direct cut electric linear actuators where a power supply and control are the only two components needed to complete the system.  This is a perfect solution for applications where minimizing cost is a primary concern. 


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