With the right accessories, a motion system can be improved for smarter usage

With the right accessories, a linear motion system can be improved so that it is more smartly assembled, safer and easier to use. In short, it greatly enhances the user experience and adds value to your product. TiMOTION is a global leader in electric linear actuator systems and provides a wide range of accessories designed specifically to improve your end products. Accessories are perfectly compatible with our systems, making them the ideal option for manufacturers in any industry. From junction boxes to emergency stop buttons, our range of accessories will certainly meet your specific needs. See our full listing of actuator accessories below, and read on to learn about the value they add to your end product.

Options for Any End Product
No one understands electric linear actuators and their industry applications better than we do. For that reason, TiMOTION is uniquely positioned to bring you the very best options in electric linear actuator accessories. Click on any option above for full product details, but here are some highlighted popular products frequently sought after by our manufacturer partners:

  • Battery chargers that are reliable and compatible with TiMOTION actuator equipment
  • Bed lights that are an excellent option for use in home and health care furniture
  • Emergency switches and safety strips that give the user the flexibility to stop electric actuator equipment when needed
  • External actuator limit switches that give you greater control over how much your actuator can move
  • Junction boxes that allow you to assemble your end product in the smartest way
  • Lock boxes that are suitable for nurse/attendant safety control
  • Wireless hand controls and receivers that give the user more control with fewer restrictions
  • Safety controls that keep the user safe
  • Massage motors that are perfect for in-home and medical use
  • Y Cables that make multiple handsets and motors possible

Why TiMOTION is Your Valued Business Partner

TiMOTION is a preferred business partner for manufacturers in countless industries because of the equipment we provide and our attention to customer service. TiMOTION electric linear actuators and accessories give you a tailor fit solution that will last. Parts and components are heavy duty, economical and made for easy integration into your end product. We are able to meet custom design needs for virtually any industry — from health care to ergonomic equipment to in-home consumer furniture. TiMOTION operates under a vertically integrated business model, meaning we can take a more customized approach to meeting your needs while simultaneously passing cost savings directly to the customer. Our committed staff members understand every aspect of this industry and are happy to provide any assistance to help you make the best decision for your business. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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