Industrial Motion - Lifting Columns

TiMOTION’s  Industrial Lifting Column series are made using two or three extruded aluminum tubes of rectangular shape that give the system great stability and a high stroke potential with reduced retracted length. Our electric lifting columns are perfect for industrial applications such as height-adjustable industrial workstations, Industrial lifts,  packing machinery, and so on. 

  • New The TL3 column is made of three extruded, rectangular, aluminum tubes

    TL3 Series

    • Max. Load: 4,000N (push)
    • Max. Speed: 39mm/s
    • IP rating: IPX6

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  • New The TL17 has a high degree of stability

    TL17 Series

    • Max. Load: 2,000N (push)
    • Max. speed: 41mm/s
    • IP rating: IPX6

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  • New The TL18 has an aluminum rectangular appearance

    TL18 Series

    • Max. load: 4,500N (push)
    • Max. Speed: 45mm/s
    • IP rating: IPX4

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  • New

    TL18AC Series

    • Max. Load: 4,500N (push)
    • Max. Speed: 45mm/s
    • Optional AC power input/output

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