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Traditionally, ergonomic furniture was adjusted by a manual crank or an imprecise pneumatic system. While the result is still an ergonomic work setting, the process is cumbersome and inaccurate, with the risk of workplace injury negating many of the benefits of ergonomic furniture investment. 


Electric linear actuators are changing this by helping to create precise, quiet, and reliable ergonomic lifting applications. TiMOTION provides linear actuators that are neat, compact, low noise, and sturdy for electric height adjustable desks, workstations, tv lifts, and other products that are safe, comfortable, and healthy.


  • New TiMOTION’s TA9 linear actuator was designed as an economical and compact solution specifically for home furniture and ergonomic applications

    TA9 Series

    • Max. load: 2,500N (push); 1,000N (pull)
    • Retracted length: ≥ Stroke + 140mm
    • Max. speed: 58.3mm/s

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  • New TiMOTION’s TA16 electric linear actuator is designed for low-noise applications with limited space

    TA16 Series

    • Max. load: 3,500N (push/pull)
    • IP rating: IP66
    • Max. speed: 58.2mm/s

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  • New TiMOTION's TA19 electric linear actuator allows for a longer stroke with small installation dimensions

    TA19 Series

    • Max. load: 1,000N (push)
    • Max. speed: 64mm/s
    • Suitable for height-adjustable work tables

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  • New Inline Actuators For Adjustable Furniture | TA20

    TA20 Series

    • Max. load: 700N (push)
    • Max. speed: 63mm/s
    • Suitable for 3-stage desk columns

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  • New TiMOTION's TA21 electric linear actuator is the best choice for height adjustable desks

    TA21 Series

    • Max. load: 10,000N (push); 6,000N (pull)
    • Max. speed: 24.7mm/s
    • High design flexibility

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  • New TiMOTION TA29 electric linear actuator is designed for high force applications

    TA29 Series

    • Max. load: 6,000N (push); 4,000N (pull)
    • IP rating: IP66W
    • Max. speed: 30.2mm/s

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