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Traditionally, ergonomic furniture was adjusted by a manual crank or an imprecise pneumatic system. While the end result is still an ergonomic work setting, the process is cumbersome and inaccurate, with the risk of workplace injury still negating the many of the benefits of the ergonomic furniture investment. Electric linear actuators are changing this by helping to create precise, quiet and reliable ergonomic applications. TiMOTION partners with ergonomic furniture manufacturers to provide linear actuators for electric height adjustable workstations, chairs and other products that are safe, comfortable and healthy.

Why Linear Actuators for Ergonomic Furniture?
The modern workplace is rapidly increasing in demand for safe, reliable ergonomic office furniture. TiMOTION partners with leading furniture manufacturers to provide linear motion components for these applications. We understand the value of furniture that is both comfortable and healthy. TiMOTION has created an extensive product line based on what workplaces increasingly seek. We strive to create products that are reliable, economical and easy to assemble, taking pride in our customization capabilities. Below, view our currently available options, and learn more about ergonomic linear actuators and the TiMOTION approach to helping manufacturers improve their products and customer satisfaction.


TiMOTION Options
Above, view the specifications for a vast range of ergonomic linear actuator options. Here are a few key categories that show how TiMOTION takes an intelligent approach to ergonomic furniture:


Adjustable Desks and Workstations
Chairs aren’t the only means for achieving optimal posture in the workplace. Electric height adjustable desks, also known as sit stand desks, are becoming workplace staples as employees realize the underlying health benefits of utilizing alternative desk positions throughout the workday. Electric lifting columns for these height adjustable desks are becoming the new norm, and TiMOTION is helping it happen.  In addition, TiMOTION powered electric height adjustable desks also include custom software like the anti-crush safety feature, sleep mode with ultra-low power consumption and soft stop and start to prevent spills.


Smart Desk Arrangements
It doesn’t always make the most ergonomic sense to have a keyboard remain stationary in one position. TiMOTION provides manufacturers with high-quality options with electric actuators that help to create smart, ergonomic features within the work environment — such as adjustable keyboard shelves and monitor arms.


Office Chairs
Adjustable office chairs are not new to the workplace, but they are changing to better improve a person’s posture and overall health. TiMOTION provides manufacturers with electric motion products which are then used to innovate office chairs that end users can easily adjust to a safe and comfortable seating position. With electric automation, the employee can simply adjust seating positions with the touch of a button.


We also manufacture columns, control boxes, and controls for ergonomic office furniture.


TiMOTION is a valued business partner for manufacturers around the world, and that’s because we make your priorities our own. Our team takes strives to understand the customer’s unique challenges, and we take an innovative approach to meeting them with highly customizable options. Our business model, which is vertically integrated, allows us to give you the most competitive prices while sticking to the highest standards of quality, compared with competitors that are limited in design and product integration. The TiMOTION staff is committed to customer satisfaction, so contact us today to learn how we can help improve your ergonomic furniture products.

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