Actuators in Healthcare
The healthcare industry has been revolutionized by customizable technologies, notably electric linear actuators. From lift chair and patient hoist actuators to hospital bed actuators, TiMOTION has provided manufacturers with medically certified linear motion products which have been designed specifically for the healthcare industry.  These products are used to make healthcare and home settings safer and more efficient than ever.

An electric linear actuator uses the rotational motion of a low-voltage DC motor to effectively make products that can pivot and move in various directions. In healthcare, that means products for patients and healthcare staff that can lift, tilt, push and pull in various directions. It makes difficult movements easier and gives patients and staff better access when needed.

Actuators are increasingly common in healthcare settings — both clinical and at home. These are just a few examples of how actuators have improved the healthcare industry:


Patient Lifts
In healthcare, it is not uncommon for patients to have a difficult time moving or standing up. Lack of mobility can make treatments unnecessarily stressful and often dangerous. In addition, the patient is typically burdened with post-surgery mobility issues. Actuated patient lifts help to alleviate this issue.


Adjustable Beds
Hospital bed actuators give patients more options for comfort — such as reclining  head and feed adjustments– and improve movement abilities – such as Trendelenburg or lowering a bed for optimal transitioning from a seated to standing position. Likewise, healthcare staff can better treat patients with easier bed and patient access.


Adjustable Chairs
Lift chair actuators give healthcare staff the flexibility to provide quality treatment and reduces the strain on patients when they attempt to stand from a seated position. Medical staff can also adjust these chairs to have better access to a patient’s entire person at a sitting angle.

Adjustable Exam Tables
To provide the best treatment possible, doctors and healthcare staff need flexibility. Adjustable exam tables allow them to move patients up and down as necessary, giving them a productive, comfortable vantage point.


Actuators have a range of benefits in the healthcare industry. Safety is of vital importance in healthcare, for patients and staff. Electric actuators help to promote a safe environment by reducing the risk of injury for patients and staff alike. For example, the simple act of getting into a patient bed can put enormous strain on a patient with limited mobility and the staff providing assistance. Ease of use is another crucial benefit of electric actuators in healthcare. By making it easier and more efficient to move, healthcare professionals can provide better services within the clinic and at a patient’s home.


TiMOTION has earned a reputation for electric linear actuators for healthcare applications. Our customers know to expect only the highest quality products that are reasonably priced. TiMOTION is vertically integrated, which means we have the capabilities to produce fully customized products that meet only the strictest quality standards compared with other retailers that only produce standard, non-customizable options. Our vertical integration means we can sell high-quality products and still retain economical pricing.


At TiMOTION, we take pride in what we do, and our knowledgeable staff can help you make the best decision possible. In industries like healthcare, furniture and ergonomic products, we have been a reliable partner for years. Contact us today to learn more about electric linear actuators for healthcare applications and any others.

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