Veterinary - Care Motion

Since pets experience higher senses than humans, it is essential to create a relaxing environment, especially when they are visiting a veterinarian. The examination table is the veterinarian’s first tool. It welcomes and supports animals from the beginning to the end of their consultation. Because of this, its ergonomics and reliability are important, and electric systems can improve it.


Electric linear actuators and lifting columns create ergonomic and versatile tables that adjust to the veterinarian’s height. Being able to adjust the height of the examination table, a veterinarian can examine any animal, no matter their size, without discomfort.


Thanks to the smooth and quiet movements, compact design, and high level of customization, TiMOTION’s electric actuators solutions are suitable for any type of equipment made for animal healthcare, such as examination tables, surgery tables, weighing tables, pet grooming tables, and more.

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