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TA2P Series

Linear Actuators

TiMOTION’s TA2P series linear actuator is the high powered version of the TA2 linear actuator. A more powerful motor makes the TA2P capable of handling load ratings up to 3500N (787 pounds) while retaining its compact size.

In addition to the high power motor, the TA2P linear actuator is available with multiple choices for feedback sensors. Industry certifications for the TA2P linear actuator include IEC60601-1 and ES60601-1.

General features
  • Voltage of motor: 12V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC, or 48VDC
  • Maximum load: 3,500N in push
  • Maximum load: 2,000N in pull
  • Maximum speed at full load: 45.0mm/s (with 250N in a push or pull condition)
  • Standard stroke: 20~1000mm (for load S: stroke ≤ 500mm)
  • Minimum installation dimension: stroke+108mm  (with Hall sensor(s) or without output signals)
  • Color: silver
  • Certificate: IEC60601-1 and ES60601-1 
  • Operational temperature range: +5°C~+45°C
  • Option: Potentiometer, Optical, Hall/Reed sensor(s)

Linear Actuators

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