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TC12 Series

Control Boxes

We create an optimum solution to meet specific patient needs and to secure a safe and comfortable transfer as well as achieving a safe and efficient working environment for the caregivers.

General features
  • IP rating: IPX4
  • ES60601-1 and RoHS compliant
  • Options: with LCD display, battery box
  • With wall mount battery charger or battery charger dock
  • Regular maintenance / overload alarm notification
  • Battery alarm when battery with lower capacity remaining
  • Emergency stop button
  • Easy installation 

Control Boxes

TBB2 |TBB3 |TBB4 |TBB5 |TBB6 |TBB7 |TC1 |TC2 |TC2B |TC3 |TC6 |TC7 |TC8 |TC9 |TC10 |TC11 |TC12 |TC14 |TC15 |TC16 |TC17