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TL18 Series


TiMOTION's TL18 series electric lifting columns are designed for industrial applications like electric height adjustable workstations and screen or lifting tables. The TL18 is features an extruded aluminum rectangular appearance. Our high capacity, yet economical, TL18 provides stable vertical lifting. This streamlines the engineering design process and replaces the older style, unsafe lifting mechanisms which have many moving stages and pinch points.

General features
  • Maximum load: 5,000N
  • Dynamic bending moment: 250Nm
  • Maximum speed at full load: 28.0mm/s (with 1,000N in a push condition)
  • Minimum installation dimension: stroke+155mm (standard as top/bottom end iron plat thickness is 8mm)
  • Dimension of cross section: 196.4x148.4mm
  • Dimension of end plate: 257x195mm
  • Stroke: ≥ 100mm
  • Operational temperature range: +5°C~+45°C
  • Option: Hall sensor(s), cable exit from top or bottom side


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