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TL3 Series


The TL3 columns from TiMOTION are made up of three extruded aluminum tubes of rectangular shape that give the system great stability and a high stroke with reduced retracted length. This electric lifting column allows for an easy integration into many height adjustable applications.

General features
  • Maximum load: 4,000N
  • Maximum dynamic bending moment: 1,000Nm
  • Maximum static bending moment: 2,000Nm
  • Maximum speed at full load: 24.0mm/s (with 1,000N in a push condition)
  • Minimum installation dimension: Stroke/2+150mm (if max. load=1,000/2,000N)
  • Dimension of cross section: 177.4x150.7mm
  • Stroke: 100~700mm
  • Certificate: EN60601-1 compliant
  • Operational temperature range: +5°C~+45°C
  • Option: POT, Hall sensors


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