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We care about what you need.

TiMOTION is an industry-leading provider of electric linear actuators.

Our teams specialize in innovative solutions that help manufacturers of industrial, furniture and medical equipment to provide the best possible solutions to their customers.

We know that any problem can be solved with the right technology and that drop-in replacement, customizable electric linear actuators are increasingly used for applications where hydraulic and pneumatic systems are not the best fit. As your business partner, TiMOTION aims to provide the highest quality, customizable components at competitive prices.

We believe in what we do and the products we create.
We are TiMOTION.


Care Motion

The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly reliant on electric linear actuation technology. This is partly due to an aging population, stricter medical standards and complex healthcare needs.

We provide high-quality, innovative solutions to manufacturers which are specifically tailored for medical applications. Our products enhance the abilities of products like lift chairs, medical beds, wheelchairs, and other disability related motion equipment.

TiMOTION Care Motion products comply with the strictest medical standards and have earned authentic certifications from global independent safety company UL and IEC 60601-1 for medical electrical equipment safety.

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Comfort Motion

TiMOTION ‘s Comfort Motion products are superior quality and retain a highly competitive price. Our strong reputation in this industry is a direct result of our work with major furniture manufacturers for creating drop-in replacement linear actuators for use in a vast range of home furniture products.

From motion recliners and lift chairs to home-living beds, we aim to enhance a user’s experience with effortless linear motion.

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Ergo Motion

Office and industrial work environments are putting more emphasis on workplace safety and employee health.

In response, TiMOTION provides solutions for electric height adjustable work surfaces and seating to increase productivity reduce employee health risks. For better ergonomics, partner with TiMOTION for high-quality automated actuation systems.

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Industrial Motion

Productivity and efficiency are essential in any industry, which is why TiMOTION specializes in linear actuation systems for agriculture, construction, mining, ventilation and more.

Our products cater to manufacturers as quality, durable solutions to product application challenges which were traditionally dominated by hydraulic or pneumatic systems, or where solutions simply weren’t available.

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At TiMOTION, we don’t limit our challenges;
we challenge our limits.

We offer turnkey solutions that are durable, high quality and highly customizable. Our products are known for providing high load capacity, a wide range of speed and reliable operation. We stand out in various industries because of our approach to better serving our customers’ needs.

The TiMOTION vertically integrated business model provides us with the flexibility to offer manufacturers with customization, without sacrificing economics or a multi-year warranty. Our solutions can be used as drop in replacements for competitor’s products and help to enhance the overall system. Our goal is to help you achieve yours, as seamlessly as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

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